We're hiring

Current opening : November 2019 in Tauranga.

Lead Developer

Job Description

infoodle is a software-as-a-service product sold to church, charity and community groups. We have a growing global audience with an ever-increasing appetite for what infoodle offers to them. With our xero integration and comprehensive feature set we have an offering which is attractive and useful to a wide range of not for profit groups.

In order to provide this service there is the on-going technical challenge of planning, designing, coordinating, developing, releasing and supporting the software and technical infrastructure to ensure infoodle goes from strength to strength.

Working in this sector means moving at a rapid pace as client expectations grow exponentially. We work in a wide range of technical segments and need to be great at them. Examples of this are Fintech, Email marketing, Apps, API, Automation, Task Distribution, UX, UI and so much more.

Skills you will have

Infoodle is built on the LAMP stack and you will be skilled in these technologies. In addition, we use AWS, Git amongst other technologies.


As our lead developer you will be taking on the responsibility of all technical aspects of providing and progressing infoodle. You will be taking us on the next step in the growth of our company as you take over from, and work with the current founder and primary developer of infoodle.