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Common questions

  • How do we pay?
    We accept credit card payments for all customers, bank transfers and cheques from NZ customers. Payment is made on invoices we issue to you - in advance.
  • Do you have privacy and terms & conditions?
    Sure - click here for privacy, and here for terms and conditions.
  • Do you provide refunds?
    You pay in advance for what you plan to use, which gives you access to our services during that billing period. We don't provide refunds for part used periods.
  • Can I change the packages I have chosen?
    Yes, at any time you can increase or decrease the packages used.
  • How do we calculate the database size?
    Together, we assess the number of active people in your database. You can archive people who are not currently active, and reinstate if required. The assessment is made annually. Assuming your active count doesn&t vary massively, your price band will remain. We are happy to leave you on a lower rate for a month or so before setting the count if you are still getting your data loaded.