Tauranga 2017 infoodle roadshow

infoodle is on the road again as we take time to meet up with our New Zealand clients and share the story of infoodle, where we've been and where we're going. This year we're making our events event more interesting and relevant to you.

In addition, this year we have found speakers who will add to the day by providing some practical information around the Art of Communication. This will teach us all the why's and how's of communication be it in facebook or radio and anything in between! Our speakers have a range of experiences in our sector as well as in marketing and I'm sure we will benefit greatly from them.

These are free events and are open to all, whether you are an infoodle client, or you are curious to find out more about our leading product. If you can register so we can ensure that we look after you whilst you are with us.


Tauranga Volunteer Coastguard Club
27 Keith Allen Drive
Sulphur Point

Date & Time

7th March 9am to 3pm

Meet the founders

Richard and Aukje will be there leading the days events, available for questions/discussions.

Product update

Whats new and whats in the development pipeline - Demonstration

Discussion Panel

Infoodle users discuss the benefits of infoodle, how they have used it and how it has made a difference to their situation


Opportunity to up skill with some training

Guest speaker

Ryan Kilfoil

Ryan Kilfoil is an Advertising Consultant for Rhema Media Inc, New Zealand's largest independent media organisation, reaching over 350,000 kiwis every week. Media include, 3 nationwide radio stations, ShineTV (available on Freeview & Sky), as well as a number of print & online media.

Ryan is also the General Manager of Likeable - a Tauranga-based Digital Content Marketing agency, helping businesses navigate all things digital.