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Its your data

All data loaded into your infoodle site belongs to you whether this data has arrived automatically or manually entered. The data is for your use alone, you are the custodian and manager of this data.

Infoodle will not access or use this data in any way other than when we are required to provide you support or updates to your system. This access is limited to identified staff at infoodle. Those staff in turn have agreed to ensuring the data remains confidential.

Who has access is your choice

The data is only accessible by people you authorise by sending them a login. This feature is under your control and you make the decisions as to who receives a login and what level of access they have into your infoodle data. Those people to whom you have given access are responsible to ensure they keep their passwords safe. They need to take extra care with phones and tablets to ensure these details are kept safe and confidential.

Data is secure

Any data that is transferred from your browser to our servers is sent securely using our SSL certificate. Minimal information is kept on your browser by way of cookies which do not identify you, just your browser, to enable us to deliver infoodle services to you. These cookies too are secure. By using infoodle, you are agreeing to us placing cookies in your browser.

The contract

Full details of how infoodle supports and relates to you is described in our Terms and conditions. This privacy policy is in line with those terms which is agreed by you at the outset of you working with infoodle.