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infoodle grows with you for CRM, Gift Aid and much more

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Gift Aid

Store names and addresses

Record multiple gift aid approvals

Record transactions

Deep integration with xero

Electronic or manual filing to HMRC



  • Store names & addresses
  • Customise the data fields
  • Email & Text all your contacts (no limits)
  • Generate Letters and Labels
  • Private notes
  • Task reminders
  • Allow any contact to login
  • Build and embed registration forms
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Workflow
  • Printed and online directory
  • Configurable groups & Attendance
  • Powerful reporting and exports
  • more...

How many people are in your database?

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< 250
< 750
< 1,500
< 5,000
> 5,000
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£ 10 / month
£ 22 / month

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 Finance (includes gift aid)

  • Xero integration
  • Bank & other imports
  • Email & print receipts
  • Extends the reporting tool
  • more..
£ 6 / month


  • Centralised shareable calendar
  • Rosters with reminders
  • Check in with label printing
  • Appointments
  • more..
£ 6 / month


  • Store docs, mp3, and more
  • Store in a library or against individuals
  • Bookout & return equipment
  • Asset & manuals
  • more..
£ 6 / month

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Common questions

  • Am I tied to a contract
    Our month to month plans make it simple to start and stop your packages at any time. Once you cancel you will not be charged after the current billing period.
  • Can I evaluate the product
    We want you to be sure that infoodle will work for you. Lets have a conversation over an online demo to make sure. We can also provide a trial site, just get in touch.
  • Do you provide training?
    Yes, plenty, and its free, included in all packages. Every week you can talk to infoodle staff over a webinar from your office or home. We do our training at different times and days during the month - check out our training schedule.
  • How do we get started?
    Existing contacts can be migrated by infoodle - nearly always at no cost (depends on complexity) or import from xero (you don't need the finance to do this). We will setup your site and configure it to your requirements ready for you to start - no charge!
  • Any hidden costs?
    Only text messages, if you use them, are charged at the end of the month if you send through our gateway - we do support some other gateways where you have your own account. Also, if you want onsite training we can discuss that with you.
  • How do we pay?
    For non New Zealand customers, we accept credit card payments only. We invoice in GBP, US$ or AU$ so there are no currency movements in the pricing.
  • Do you have privacy and terms & conditions?
    Sure - click here for privacy, and here for terms and conditions.
  • Do you provide refunds?
    You pay in advance for what you plan to use, which gives you access to our services during that billing period. We don't provide refunds for part used periods.
  • Can I change the packages I have chosen?
    Yes, at any time you can increase or decrease the packages used.
  • How do we calculate the database size?
    Together, we assess the number of active people in your database. You can archive people who are not currently active, and reinstate if required. The assessment is made monthly. Assuming your active count doesn't vary massively, your price band will remain. We are happy to leave you on a lower rate for a month or so before setting the count if you are still getting your data loaded.

Data protection common questions

  • Where is our data stored and processed
    All infoodle data for UK and european customers resides and is processed in Ireland. We use overseas systems to deliver emails.
  • Can people on our database see their own data
    If you wish, you can create a login which allows a person to view their own data - no-one elses.

 infoodle Gift Aid

  • We use Xero - does that help?
    infoodle becomes a true extension of xero and will automate :
    building and maintaining contacts (from and to xero)
    import transactions (from reconciled xero transactions)

 infoodle CRM package

  • Do I need the CRM
    If you only need to process gift aid claims then you don't need the CRM, however the CRM adds alot of power to your organisation. In addition, if you want to choose one of our packages then you must include the CRM.
  • infoodle CRM is a suite of functionality to serve the core needs of Churches and Charities of all sizes.
  • Is there a charge for sending texts?
    We do need to charge for any messages you send out. Each message is currently charged at NZD0.15c. We have integrated with other providers with whom you could have your own account, in which case you would be responsible for ensuring your account is paid for. Contact us to discuss this further.
  • Can this integrate with our website?
    We have a login function that you can embed in your site if you wish, we also have custom build forms which can be styled to suite your site colors and fonts etc. these forms allow you to receive donations, registrations and much more. Lastly the calendar can also be embedded, showing those events you choose to appear publicly.
  • Does more people logging in cost more?
    No. You can, if you wish, get everyone who is recorded in your infoodle database to be able to login. You determine their level of access and permissions as to who they can see and what they can do.
  • How does the Mailchimp integration work?
    You can pull designs and capture subscribes and unsubscribes created on your mailchimp account into infoodle. You can then use the designs for personalised mailing from infoodle. You can send changes made in infoodle to mailchimp lists - this way you can still send via mailchimp if you prefer.
  • Got more questions? Do feel free to get in touch to discuss them.

 infoodle FINANCE package

  • Perfect for managing donation receipts. Flexible methods for identifying and issuing receipts, combine at year end or issue ad-hoc, tax rebatable (deducatable) or not.
  • Do we have to use Xero?
    Not at all. You can pull in transactions from a range of sources, or you can enter them manually.
  • Which other sources do you support?
    Currently we have imports for QIF and OFX files which are usually available from your bank. We also have imports for Pushpay, Givealittle, Paypal and we have a CSV import where you specify the configuration.
  • Can we use our xero contacts?
    Yes, you can sync contacts between infoodle and xero, by receiving or sending changes and new contacts in either system.
  • Can we send data to Xero?
    Yes, you can send a batch of transactions from infoodle to Xero which creates a receive money transaction ready for reconciling in Xero. This is great for managing a single banking activity that needs to be receipted to many people.
  • Got more questions? Do feel free to get in touch to discuss them.
  • Are you a Xero add-on partner (a connected app)?
    Yes, we joined their eco-system in September 2014 and are now available on most of their market places
  • Got more questions? Do feel free to get in touch to discuss them.

 infoodle EVENTS package

  • Do you need a single calendar to manage your room bookings. Do you need to roster your volunteers. Do you need to perform a registration for your children or other groups of attendees? Our Events package is designed for these key tasks.
  • Can we share the calendar?
    Yes. We make the calendar available via an ICS calendar feed. Your other applications (outlook, iCal, google calendar and many more) subscribe to this feed so that any changes made in infoodle are reflected in these other applications.
  • What do I need for the check in?
    You can use any internet connected device with a (modern) web browser to perform your check in. If you want labels then you can use any label printer your computer can print to. We supply a small application that enables the printing to happen which is currently only available on windows (32 & 64 bit). This can be a small machine such as a Surface or other tablet.
  • How do people being rostered know whats happening?
    You can give them a login to infoodle. They can use this login to tell you if they are available or not for specific activities. You can also print out your rosters, or email them. You can also setup reminders by text or email at dates and times you specify.
  • Got more questions? Do feel free to get in touch to discuss them.

 infoodle DOCS package

  • When it's important to have a single copy of a document e.g. policy documents, then you can store them centrally in infoodle. You can also store documents against individuals or organisations. It's also used for recording information about equipment. It enables you to book out an item to someone and mark when its returned. This shows on their profile as 'items on loan'.
  • How is this different from Dropbox/Google drive etc.?
    The key difference is we can store the document (or a weblink to a document) in the central place. You can use the people and groups within infoodle to manage the permissions as to who can see and change these documents. We can also store them against an individual or their household, again with permissions around them.
  • What else can we store?
    In addition to documents you can store images, mp3 files, files upto 50mb. Also you can store searchable meeting notes, links to websites and information about equipment or items (DVD series for instance).
  • What is assets?
    Assets provide a place to store detailed information about any asset you have. This includes pictures of receipts, manuals, warranty documents etc. Any file that can be uploaded pretty much. This can then be reported on. They also link to he equipment recorded in the library area.
  • Got more questions? Do feel free to get in touch to discuss them.

 Rocketspark website

  • Rocketspark is a website builder that makes it easy for anyone to build a great looking website and keep it updated with fresh content. You can save thousands on the setup of a new website.
  • Why have a Rocketspark website
    Its so easy to create a great website, either for info or e-commerce sites. They are 5 star rated by their customers.
  • Is the discount available to everyone?
    Infoodle is working with Rocketspark to bring you this great opportunity. It is available for not for profit clients of infoodle who take a new annual not for profit plan with Rocketspark.
  • Can we integrate infoodle with a Rocketspark website?
    Sure. It's easy to embed forms from infoodle directly into your website.
  • How do we get our Rocketspark website?
    Once you are live with your infoodle site we will send you an invite to your Rocketspark website. You pay Rocketspark directly for your website once you make it live.
  • Got more questions? Do feel free to get in touch to discuss them.