Phone app

Extend your usage to the phone using our web version or a connected app

By using connected apps, you can have a rich experience of working with infoodle together with phone targeted functions.


EzyChurch for churches

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Includes Events, giving, push notification, Audio and video hosting, PDF reaser, Service information, Social media, Chrome cast, Resonate, Good TV and Airplay!

And connects to your own private infoodle account.

Access infoodle on the phone

Accessing your infoodle site using the phone gives a tailored experience focusing on contacts, notes and rosters.

"I found the receipting way easier than the system I had been using (excel), ...every thing balanced. Last year it took a couple days to have it all done, now it was done in a matter of hours, printed, addressed, in envelopes and ready to post! I am very glad I changed to using infoodle for tax receipting"