Infoodle provides a safe system for your administration requirements


Centralise your contacts and communications


Answer the questions you’re asking


Infoodle acts a hub for other systems

Full xero integration

Extend the power of xero with a xero connected app specifically designed for churches and charities

Gift Aid (UK Only)

Gather data with or without xero, and file your claims directly with HMRC

Financial tracking

Understand your donors profile and easily, reliably produce your receipts when and how you want them


Capture Registrations, Enquiries or Donations from your website to add to infoodle

Check in System

Make event registration fun, quick and accurate

Event organiser

Centralise and publish your calendars and organize all the people involved


Manage Documents, Equipment, Resources and Books

Phone app

Extend your usage to the phone using our web version or a connected app

Make it your own

Customise infoodle to work for you