Book a demo

Why a demo?

A demo is a chance to take a look at infoodle with someone who knows their way around it. Its a chance for you to bring your wish list of items you want in a system and see if infoodle can manage them or not. With the wide variety of organisations who are looking for help, there are often different ways of using infoodle to assist.

What is a demo?

its a webinar. We send you an invite which has a Zoom link in order to connect. Ideally you will use your microphone and speakers to be able to converse with us. If for some reason your mic or speakers aren't working then there is phone number you can call, so you speak on the phone and watch the screen. We suggest an hour to go through it, although it can be shorter or longer depending on your questions.

What its not!

A hard sell. Its a conversation and we're helping you evaluate infoodle for your purposes. If there are things you need that we can't do, we will tell you.

We'd love the chance to discuss infoodle with you - so please send us your details and we'll arrange a demo with you.