Three Tips for Pastoral and Clinical Care Workers

Working in pastoral and clinical care requires a lot of work, but infoodle can help you manage your time and save money, so that you can focus on your mission.

Wednesday 5th August 2020


Working in pastoral or clinical care, our notes need to be confidential, but accessible to those who need to see them. Because of the permissions assigned to users of infoodle, I can be confident that only those who should see notes or client details are able to do so. All our caseworkers and their managers are in a group and each note or task is assigned to the group.

Each group is locked so only the administrator of the group, (in our case, our clinical manager) can add other members to the group.

Task Reminders

After a visit or conversation with one of our clients I need to remember to follow up with them in a few weeks. Having infoodle task reminders to remind me is amazing. I can see them on my dashboard but also I get an email each morning with a list of all the people I need to contact today. Sometimes I don’t complete the task and just edit the task or move the date forward or add a note, or assign the task to someone else to follow up.

Work Queues from the Phone app

Pastors are often out in the community and not at their desk so they need to have all the information about the parishioners with them. Being able to search addresses, call easily, send a text or email. Reading and adding notes from the phone is so handy.

We like to record who has been visited, so everyone is added into a work queue and after the visit I am able to add them to the next queue so we can see who still needs a visit. This is easily done on my phone in the car and I don’t need to remember afterwards.

“The more we're using it (infoodle) the more we're getting our money's worth out of it.” - Martin Fielding