Let's Meet the Team - Jenny

Let's spend some time talking with Jenny, who handles the critical role that makes most people shriek in terror: Accounts.

Thursday 12th September 2019


Position within infoodle: Accounts

Years working for infoodle: 2 Years


Jenny is the proud mother of 2, and grand mother of 5. She loves to do walks and hiking, and has managed to even tick off 7 of the 9 Great Walks of New Zealand. At infoodle, she manages the accounts department, and is such as whiz at it, she only has to work part time.


Jenny has a number of answers to questions we all find facing us daily:

What sort of shows or movies do you enjoy?
Any sort of Biography/Life Story.

If you could only eat one item of food for the rest of your life (regardless of how it would affect your health), what would it be?
Roast Dinner

You gain the ability to meet anyone in history, or to be there for any historic event, who or what would they be?
I'd want to meet Nelson Mandela. Or be there for the pulling down of the Berlin Wall

Favourite Colour?
Hmm.. Red... Yellow...

Where is the best place you have ever vacationed, and why?
Nepal. I got to trek through there, and really see and experience the culture.

Which would you rather: Speaking backwards, and no one understanding you - or everyone else speaking backwards, and you not understanding them?
Me speaking backwards - at least I'm unique then.

Mac or PC?

Apple or Android?

What Sports do you follow?
Anything New Zealand is playing!

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Invisibility. Or the ability to cure hunger.