Let's Meet the Team - Dave

For this week’s blog post we had a sit down with Dave, who has the coolest beard you have ever seen. His biggest passion in life is pizza followed closely by his family.

Wednesday 12th August 2020


Position within infoodle: Support & Training

Years working for infoodle: 18 Months


Dave comes from South Africa, although you would never know. He is a Kiwi through and through as he has lived in NZ since 1999. Dave is an expert in absolutely anything and we go to him with all the questions we have (except those about printers!). He loves learning new things and is a self-proclaimed geek.


Here are some questions that Dave agreed to answer, so we all get to know him better:

What is the best film of all times?

Hard to pick one! Elf or the Matrix, depending on the weather.

If you could become a fictional character for one day, who would it be?

Tony Stark. I always wanted to be a superhero!

Favorite dessert?

French Vanilla bean ice cream

Where is the best place you have ever visited, and why?

Singapore, although I only spent 2 hours there. Also, Mozart Cafe in Austin, Texas. This is where I proposed to my wife!

If you could learn a skill by tomorrow, what would it be?

I would like to learn more about chemistry and become a master of matter.

What is one your favorite sport (to play or to watch)?

I love playing ten pin bowling! My favorite sport to watch would probably be Pyramid. Does this qualify?

Mac or PC?


Apple or Android?


What is one thing you absolutely can’t live without?

Can it be 2 things? My wife and pizza! Or my wife’s pizza? :)