Infoodle named a top 20 church software solution

Thursday 15th December 2016

Infoodle takes number 7 spot for most affordable and number 19 for most user friendly church software solutions.

Over 200 church software solutions were tried and tested on affordability, (using a typical scenario) usability (how easy a system is to use), available customer services and reviews from actual users. The survey was conducted by Capterra. and

"Usability is calculated through direct user testing. We determine tasks that are representative of how most churches would use a system to keep track of their congregation and their members’ activities. We then measure how many seconds and clicks it takes our team, on average, to complete these tasks in a ChMS."

Infoodle - The only product to score 100% all 3 customer service criteria

"In addition to task completion, we considered customer service, which is a measure of how well a software company helps you get set up and successful in their solution. To build this measure we kept track of whether a user was able to personalize/configure a system based on their company’s needs, what kind of training software companies offered to new customers, and how many different ways a user could get in touch with a company if they had questions or issues with a system."

Number 7 for Most affordable

We are very pleased to be in the top 20 spot and feel that our hard work has paid off. Particularly for the most affordable spot as this was one of the driving forces behind getting infoodle started. As any charity or not for profit can tell you it is hard work to get the donations and resources needed to operate well. By far the greatest number of charities are small and operate in the tier 3 and 4 sector (New Zealand Charity ranking). While there are tools to help charities operate, manage and up skill they are usually very expensive and beyond the reach of many. We strive to make our software and our workshops affordable.

Not just churches

While this survey was specific to ChMS (Church Management Software) infoodle operates both as CRM (Contact Relationship Management) for both Church, Charity and Community organisations. Added to that, which was not part of this survey, is infoodle Donor Management system.

Thank you to our customers

Thank you to all you who completed a review. If you would like to complete a review click on the link