How to save time

Using technology today, do we save time and labour like previous generations?

Monday 1st February 2016

Back in our grand parents day technology and inventions were all about saving time and physical work. Refrigerators saved the house wife on making daily trips to the store and meant she could keep food fresh for several days. Do the innovations of today have the same life changing effects?

Within the home you can set your oven on a timer to start cooking so your dinner is ready when you get home. Washing machines and dryers, mixers, vacuum cleaners are all time saving devices that have been around for some time. Now you can digitise your shopping. When you notice your cereal box is almost out, for example, scan the barcode and the item will appear on your online grocery list. By hitting send, your complete grocery order will soon be delivered to your doorstep, eliminating time-consuming list-making or big trips to the supermarket.

So the innovations of today can be just as life changing not only in the home but in the office. Finding new and smarter ways of doing your tasks can reduce the number of hours spent on them, sometimes dramatically. Cell phones, tablets, laptops, the list is growing and changing. All these devices are designed to makes our lives easier, to streamline our work and give us more time.

Cloud based accounting software such as Xero enable you to automatically generate and send monthly invoices, quickly reconcile your accounts plus much much more. For me this has been an enormous saving in time.

At our recent infoodle roadshows, a number of our clients reported how they were saving time by using infoodle workflows that sent out automated email, issuing tax receipts and using the online directory. One client mentioned she used to set a side 2 days to issue all the tax receipts for donations given in the past year, then post them. Now with infoodle she had them all done in half an hour, saving 2 whole days!

Other time saving areas for your organisation could be rostering volunteers, sending automatic reminders by email or text, online check in for events, including events out in the field.

Of course this is only 2 products that go a long way to helping you save time in the office. What you do with that time is another topic of conversation. Do you go and relax, take a well deserved break or do you focus on other tasks that need doing and work more? I would say most of us do the later, we fill our time with more and more. Perhaps though there is something to be said for walking to the store each day meeting your neighbours and having a chat along the way.

Aukje (infoodle)