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In this issue: Live run sheets are coming, Manage payment gateway fees, Infoodle named in Top 20 Most User Friendly Church Management Software! Gift Aid update.

Monday 6th May 2019

Are you pulling your hair out?

Hopefully your end of year receipting did not cause you to pull your hair out. We know that for many of you managing the donations when your Payment Gateway (like Stripe) have fees, it can cause a real headache when it comes to reconciliation. Donors want to receive a receipt for the full amount they donate after all!

We are pleased to announce that infoodle has a solution!

We have streamlined this process completely to enable you to process either the net or gross value - your choice, infoodle understands both automatically. You can set the Percentage or Fixed fees per transaction you have via Administration > System > Payment Methods. Fees are also now shown in the reconcile screens where required.

We know this is going to be a huge help for a lot of you. We would also love to get your feedback on this, and how your end of year receipting has gone, so we can continue to make improvements that work for you.

infoodle Ranked in Top 20 Most User-Friendly Church Management Software

Capterra have surveyed and tested almost 150 Church Management Software packages from around the world and this year infoodle has taken 12th place. The Top 20 Most User-Friendly Church Management Software is an independent assessment that scores products based on their overall usability, customer service and customer reviews posted on the Capterra website.

But we are not happy with 12th, and will keep improving infoodle until we are 1st! The previous year we were 19th, so we are making progress!

We would love you to have your say too: Post A Review

Live Run Sheets - Live Event Management

We have promised this for some time but due to other demands the Live Run Sheets needed to be put on hold. The good news is we are now about to release Live Run Sheets, and are looking for Beta Testers to get valuable feedback and make changes that work for you.

With Live Run Sheets you can now plan your events. Whether they be church services, conferences, AGM's or a concert you can plan the order of service and make adjustments live!

If you want to be a beta tester please click here and complete the form.

The Technical Stuff - New Features and Updates

Below is a summary of some of the new features and updates that have been added to infoodle recently. They may not all by applicable to you, and there are also many more not mentioned below. You can always find the up-to-date list here

Generating & Printing Receipts

After a request for printing directly onto envelopes, we have now added a new "DL" page size. Generating your receipts using this template will allow you to get the address on to each envelope, ready for the official receipt to be slipped in and posted away!

We have also rebuilt the "Printed Receipts" screen to enable more clarity of functions and output. All functions are now accessible from the 'Actions' button. In addition you can list printed, or deleted receipts for audit purposes.

Finally, we have added the ability to mark generated receipts as printed if you accidentally forget to.

Gift Aid (UK) - Reviewing

To make it easier to see why a transaction is being included in the claim, we now show it directly on the review screen. It highlights the date that was used as the reference and what the date is. For example, if the approval is directly from the donor, or perhaps nothing is set, allowing a claim to go back 4 financial years, etc.

Reports - Finance

A new criteria has been added to reports - Transaction (Finance amount) value. This allows you to search for more specific transactions. For example, you could list anyone who has given a single donation of over $1000 in a single transactions (regardless of any other donations they may have made). Again, this change has been made directly as a result of great feedback from our customers.

Dashboard Widget - Date of Death Anniversary

As you know, you can add your own Widgets to your dashboard. One of which is the Date Custom Field Anniversary. And on of the dates you can choose is the 'Date of Death' field. An update to what information is shown came in, and we have now updated the layout of this specific date field to show: The year they died; How old they were; & How many years it will have been since the death.

The development team are continuing to work on the email features and hope to release some of the features next month.