How to do Contact Tracing

Contact Tracing is a hot topic around the world at the moment - but what is it, and how do we do it? What are some of the options out there, and which option is best?

Monday 25th May 2020

Contact Tracing is a way to identify who an individual is, where they have been, and who they have been in contact with. This is all for the intention of quickly and effectively stopping further spread of a contagion, such as COVID-19. Being able to track down (trace) individuals that may have come in contact with a contagious person helps prevent a widespread outbreak from occurring.

A number of governments and private companies have released Contact Tracing Apps and solutions. In New Zealand for instance, there is Checkin-19. These apps allow a person to visit a business such as a retail outlet, restaurant, etc, and easily check in with their details. Should they unfortunately be carrying COVID-19, a history of where they have been is easily accessible, and so others that visited the same establishments can be identified, isolated, and tested.

If you are using infoodle, you have the added benefit of already having a system in place that can handle your contact tracing for your organisation. Your infoodle CRM already has most of your contacts’ details in it, so all you really need is a way to check them in and out of an event or location. infoodle has you covered here as well, with the dedicated Check In System.

This feature gives you a kiosk-like interface for managed or self check in of individuals and families. It has been designed to be easy enough to run on a tablet, and have kids self-check in to their youth events without guidance in a quick and controlled way. In this time of COVID-19 however, it is recommended to have someone manage the check in process to make sure all are indeed checking in, and to prevent multiple individuals touching and handling a common device increasing the chance of spreading bugs.

The infoodle Check In system allows pre-populating a list of people that will be attending an event for quicker searching and preplanning of attending numbers. If you are allowing visitors as “walk-ins”, these individuals can be manually added and checked-in as well.

You are able to use this feature in conjunction with the infoodle App that comes free as part of your infoodle CRM. With the infoodle app, every individual can access their own unique barcode which can be scanned directly to check in even faster.

You can take this a step further too. There may be times that you are wanting to get people to register for an upcoming event so you know who intends to attend. This can be done with a relatively simple infoodle Form. These forms can be emailed out to people, linked to on social media posts, or even very quickly added to your website as well.

If you would like to put a limit on the number of people that can attend, this can be done using the ‘Stock’ feature that is part of the Finance or Events Packages. With Stock, you can create ‘Free Tickets’, and tell infoodle how many ‘tickets’ are available for the event. This can be added to your registration form, and allow you to safely control the registration numbers as well. A step by step guide is available here - Setting up a free registration form

If you would like any more information on this, or anything else, please check out our extensive Help Documentation, and numerous Help Training Videos.