IDC Feature: The House of Grace

The House of Grace is a home for pregnant teens. A place to live, learn, prepare for childbirth and make plans for a bright future.

Monday 14th September 2020

Please tell us and everyone else about your organisation and its mission

The House of Grace provides a caring, nurturing environment where physical, emotional and spiritual needs of pregnant teens and young mothers are met. A place of love and acceptance where young women can grow in confidence and develop the skills to be a successful parent.

Our mission is to help create a stronger New Zealand by equipping and empowering pregnant teens to flourish and make a positive difference in their communities. We believe in the potential of every young woman and provide a place for them to live, learn, prepare for childbirth and plan for a bright future.

What is the main way that infoodle makes your life easier so you can spend more time making a difference?

infoodle enables us to record and access all key information regarding our residents, volunteers, staff, supporters, donors and funders. We rely on the system to communicate as a team and with our wider community.

Images and text in this blog have been kindly provided by The House of Grace.

To learn more about The House of Grace or get in touch with them, visit their website.