Gifted administrators - Your community needs you!

Wednesday 27th May 2015

Are you good at administration and have a passion for helping out in the community?

Perhaps you’ve been involved, or even stopped helping because the administration of the charity, church or community centre was too burdensome or even beyond help!

A specific story we found, is a community centre busting at the seams with helping surrounding neighbours. They do everything from food baskets to medical assistance. The community absolutely LOVES their community centre in fact the neighbours are individually donating funds to move the community centre into a better building next door.

The community centre has awesome staff and volunteers. They have a heart for the people, but also realise the need for good administration and governance to show funding bodies and supporters that they are managing the centre well.

However they are short of time to put good systems in place to help, and so continue to be ham-strung by old time costly measures involving lots of paperwork and filing.


We (Infoodle) come to aid the charity, community centre or church and they immediately see the potential and hear all the amazing stories of all the other non-profits we’ve helped, but they say… one problem.. again, TIME!

They don’t have TIME to put a collaborative system in place, even with all the support we provide (free training and free data importing). The reality is the couple of hours to implement and learn a (crm) like Infoodle is time they don’t have.


Enter… the gifted volunteer administrator! With a short amount of training in a crm (like Infoodle). A gifted administrator can absolutely perform administration miracles in helping the non-profit get their head above the swimming pool of facilitation and compliance paperwork.

  1. Ask yourself am I a gifted administrator? - Yes!
  2. Do I have spare time to contribute to helping communities - Yes!
  3. Get free online training on infoodle (sign up here)
  4. We will put you in touch with those that need your help.

Written by: Rory (Infoodle)