IDC Feature: The Fifeshire Foundation

Fifeshire Foundation is a charitable trust in Nelson, NZ that supports individuals and families in need as well as the organisations who work with people in need. Their mission is to help people coping with poverty, unemployment, health crises or domestic violence.

Monday 28th September 2020

Please tell us and everyone else about your organisation and its purpose

In 1993, a group of local people in Nelson, NZ set up the Fifeshire Foundation as a charitable Trust to raise money locally to support local people in need. Since 1993 our aim remains the same, to help people in crisis, and to help people make longer term changes in their lives.

100% of donations designated for funding grants, to assist people in hardship and domestic crisis, goes directly to the Nelson Tasman community in need, with all administration costs funded separately through corporate sponsorship.

One of our objectives is to create public acceptance of the social responsibilities of those with “means” to actively assist and contribute towards those without “means”.

How does infoodle make your life easier so you can spend more time making a difference?

Our infoodle online digital CRM system allows us to reach out to a wider audience, giving people additional options to engage with us, the information and data reaching us immediately in order for us to respond promptly and provide the much needed hardship relief in a timely and effective manner.

With the information and data all in a central location we can access and report on our operations in an easy and professional way very quickly in order to meet the needs of our very kind and generous donors and sponsors.

infoodle is a very helpful and reliable resource.

Images and text in this blog have been kindly provided by Fifeshire Foundation.

To learn more about Fifeshire Foundation or get in touch with them, visit their website.