Why Customer Feedback is So Important

Product reviews are now a common way people use to inform themselves on whether or not they should buy or use a particular product or service. We do this for buying software but also before booking a restaurant, hotel, holiday or even a mechanic.

Wednesday 5th June 2019

Like most progressive companies, Infoodle is constantly working on improving the user experience, streamlining processes, and simplifying the screens while maintaining the functionality, and adding more features. Product reviews are a great way to let people know all the good things Infoodle does especially as the old advertising and email marketing methods don’t bring the same results as they used to.

Reviews not only help buyers make better informed decisions, but provide us, (the providers) with feedback and valuable insight about our product, software or service. At Infoodle we take each review seriously and focus on creating a software service that is helpful, relevant, time saving and maintains a high-quality.

I belong to a community Facebook group that is constantly asking for recommendations for a service from massage therapists to garages, home handymen to electricians. The way sales are made now are via the buyer first doing their research, people no longer want to be sold too. So it is really important to get good reviews.

There are many sites like TripAdvisor, Zomato, Expedia, and Trivago that not only help us find hotels, restaurants and day trips but also get ratings based on the reviews that help us make the decision to use the service or not.

How do we go about getting good reviews?

I have found sending a general email to clients asking for a review, even with a link to the review page, does not always generate the desired results. It is far better to contact a client individually and ask if they would be willing to provide a review.

Offering “incentives” as a means of encouraging the submission of reviews is widely considered common practice these days. Simply put, incentives help motivate clients and software users to leave reviews. However, sometimes we do receive unsolicited feedback which we can post to Facebook, Twitter and our website.

Where do you go to post or get reviews?

Hubspot recently posted a blog “25 customer review sites for collecting business and product reviews” Listing 25 sites across the globe where customers can post reviews. Some you need to create an account or profile with such as “Yelp” or “Capterra” others like “Consumer” and “Which” are independent product testing organisations. Not forgetting Google you will need to set up verified listings like “Google My Business” And then there is also Facebook, (Ratings and Reviews) and Twitter. While Twitter may not be a review site but any tweets about your business or organisation will pop up in the results when someone is searching for reviews on your organisation. We would like to add the Xero community to this list.

And of course your website. It's an excellent place to publish reviews you receive (perhaps embed some of those tweets you favorited?) You could add a section on your website dedicated just to reviews and testimonials.

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