infoodle Company Values

The vision of infoodle is to see organisations who are involved with helping people, spend less time on administration and more time fulfilling their purpose.

Wednesday 12th June 2019

Core Values

Putting people first is a core value for infoodle. Ask anyone at infoodle what they enjoy most about working at infoodle and they will simply say: “Helping people.”

We built infoodle to be a tool to help organisations such as churches and charities that work with people in health care, social justice, with orphans, the poor and marginalised.. This releases them from some of the administrative tasks so they can focus on their own mission. We can’t all be doctors or nurses, care and social workers, but we can support those who are, and help them fulfil their purpose.

Being people focused makes infoodle unique. infoodle helps you to see the full picture, not just a part, not just looking at an individual but looking at the “whanau” - the family, the community as a whole. How does the individual fit in with the whole of the organisation? Seeing them as not just a client, because often they are also a volunteer or a donor. Often other members of the family of someone that was helped, become donors, or volunteers. It is important to see and understand how people are engaging with you as an organisation.

Biblical Values

Richard and Aukje Smith, the founders of infoodle hold to the biblical values of helping others who may be less fortunate than ourselves.

We believe our mandate is to take care of the poor and needy, the sick, the elderly, those in prison, the widows and orphans among us. This is a call to action, not just to give of our finances from a distance, but requires personal involvement, expending energy and placing the needs of others first. We have been blessed so we can bless others, we want to share what we have, not only our possessions and finance but also our knowledge and skills. While we cannot do all this work on our own, we can support those who are working with them. We see infoodle as a tool that helps to equip people in order to do this work

This does not mean that infoodle is only applicable for faith based organisations. There are many non faith based organisations that do amazing work among the disadvantaged that need help and support in the same way as faith based ones do.

People Values

Being people focused not only relates to the software but also to the way the infoodle team interact with clients and our communities. Infoodle highly values helping their clients achieve what they need to achieve, so infoodle does a lot of personal and individual demonstrations, training and support.

We looked at some of the hurdles potential clients have when moving to a new system and so decided we would import their data for them, usually free of charge

infoodle prioritises fast customer support.infoodle understands that when you are wanting to get a job done, you don’t want to have to wait a day or two before someone gets back to you with your questions.

Here at infoodle it is all about the people. If you value your people/community and are seeking ways to better engage, encourage, support and help your them; or if you are being bogged down with administration and want to spend less time looking at spreadsheets and more time helping people, then contact us today.