Case Study: Golden Sands Baptist Church

In this case study, we chat with Pastor Colin Gruetzmacher from Golden Sands Baptist Church on how implementing the infoodle App has changed the way they do things for the better.

Wednesday 29th May 2019
As a pastor, I am often out and about and need to visit people at home or at work. Having the infoodle app has been such a help, I can easily look up where someone lives or works, get directions and see who is who in the household, then add a note at the end of the visit

Pastor Colin Gruetzmacher, from Golden Sands Baptist Church is loving the new infoodle app. The Directory enables him, and all members of the community to contact each other, but there is still control over who can see who and what.

When I need to go from one visit to another I can just click on the contact and get directions on how to get there

Another cool feature that Colin appreciates is the ability to add notes after a visit, he does not need to rely on remembering all the conversations and things he needs to do in preparation for a baptism or wedding etc. when back in the office. Spending a few minutes in the car after a visit to add a note or add someone into a workflow is so helpful.

The app also shows the events that are happening and each member of the community can easily see what is coming up and can register through the app to the events. Also when they are rostered on to help at an event they can click to say they are or are not available that day.

It is so easy to see when we are rostered on so we can plan in advance when we can be away for a weekend to see the grandchildren” ~ Golden Sands Church Member
We now post our newsletter in the app, While we still send it by email at the moment to those who still prefer to receive it this way, a growing number of people use their phones as their main computer and so being able to embed the newsletter into the app makes it easy for people to read from their phone. We push out notifications as well, reminders about events or event changes. This is really helpful to the youth leader reminding the youth at the last minute not to forget their swimsuits
Infoodle also allows us to stream our sermons and videos through the app

Colin tells us that one of the community members have family in Texas and they like to share sermons with them so by downloading the app the overseas family can listen to the sermons he enjoyed.

Also when members are traveling abroad they are still connected to what is happening here at Golden Sands, which is great

If you would like more information on infoodle or the infoodle app, contact us at sales(at)