Are you driving in 1st gear?

Compare infoodle to a powerful V8 vehicle Come to a roadshow and learn to drive You have a powerful tool under the hood, but are you still in the garage, stuck in first gear or stuck in traffic?

Monday 23rd January 2017

I have at times compared infoodle to driving a powerful V8 motor car. Some people leave it parked in the garage to admire and say "I must take it out for a drive one day but I am too busy right now, I need to run to work." Forgetting that they could drive and be there in super quick time and not arrive all hot and bothered.

Others have taken it out for a spin but are driving in first gear too afraid to change gears, they say "It gets me to where I want to go" or "If I drive faster I may crash along the way or maybe I will be asked to do more when I get there, I'm happy just going slowly along"

Some are unaware they have a V8 under the hood and are still driving like their old Model T Ford. They are longingly looking at other cars not realising they already have all the "bells and whistles" they desire.

And there are some who are stuck in traffic, they have not yet discovered the navigation system or found the fast lane.

The infoodle roadshow will encourage you to get out of the garage and teach you how to change gears, learn to drive using all the "Bells and Whistles" you desire and show you how to find the navigation system. We want you to enjoy the ride along the way.

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1st March Wellington - Silverstream Retreat
2nd March Christchurch Community House
7th March Tauranga Volunteer Coast Guard Club Rooms
9th March Auckland Harbourside

17th March Nelson - Elim Centre